The popularity level of on the go browsing is quite high nowadays. People want to browse through a website which can easily be opened and viewed on a handheld device like a smartphone or tablet. For this very reason, business houses and website owners are hiring web developers with expert knowledge in creating a mobile responsive website, which helps to increase the site traffic to a huge extent.

The need for mobile responsive website design has increased quite a lot in the last few years, because people want to open and view websites on their smartphones rather than sit on their desktop and laptop and browse through it. Different smartphones have different configurations, but all smartphone owners have the same expectation from the websites of today. Today, we will discuss about mobile responsive websites and how they are created. Read on to find out more.

Why choose mobile responsive websites

Statistics say that people access the internet more via handheld devices like smartphones and tablets, rather than using the more conventional desktops and laptops. This trend has increased quite a lot in the last six years. Earlier, people used to sit on a desktop computer and load a website and scroll through the pages one by one. But now, six years later, people are more into swiping through the pages on their smartphone screen rather than scrolling through them.

It is a common notion among almost everyone nowadays that it is a much comfortable thing to browse websites on a smartphone. This one simple notion has completely changed the way people use the internet nowadays. This ever changing trend has caught up with so much popularity, that search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google are now asking site developers to concentrate more on building mobile responsive websites.

Getting started with mobile responsive website design

The first job of a developer is to customize the website’s older version. This will start with the removal of the zoom surface area of the site. To start with this, the developer needs to know that any page on a website is usually scaled down so that it can be displayed as a full page on any platform on any device and browser.

In a similar manner, several webpages can display digits, words and characters quite easily, but when it comes to displaying images, some websites seem to falter more than often. It has been seen on several occasions that websites which are not developed for mobile phones and other handheld devices usually crash when you are browsing through them. That is why developers need to design a website that responds well with all types of viewing options, desktop, smartphone and tablets.

Several webpages that have images on them are customized with modern techniques for dynamic image scaling. The same technique is used in case the site has embedded videos on its pages. This technique can be successfully done with the use of CSS to adjust the images’ maximum pixel width. This will help the viewer to view the image without any sort of negative pixilation or distortion. These are the factors that cause a decrease in image resolution, and with responsive website design, you can bypass this problem quite easily. Almost all modern day browsers support image scaling.

Developers also need to work with integrating the touch design support for all pages of a website. This means that the developer will be integrating the website to receive touch screen support via fingers or an external hardware, which is quite common with smartphones nowadays. This touch technology is ever changing, with more and more new advancements coming our way almost every day. Developers need to stay up to date with these changes and updates to create the best possible websites for browsing on handheld devices.

Mobile apps – the associated complications

Some people are of the opinion that rather than designing a mobile responsive website, it would be much easier to use a mobile app. But what they cannot fathom is that mobile apps are useful for only a handful of purposes. Mobile apps can only be used as a substitute of those sites which already have a loyal clientele. Apps are usually used to access their profile, locate stores, and stay updated regarding offers and discounts. And these apps work only on certain smartphone operating system platforms. But when a mobile responsive website is developed, the site will have much higher visibility as the site can be accessed from a simple feature phone as well. Hence, developers of responsive sites are much more in demand that app developers.

Why responsive site designing should be embraced

Turning your website into a mobile responsive one is a smart idea. But before a developer starts with this project, we will take a look at some statistics pertaining to this concept. So read on.

  • Mobile shopping has been on an upward trend since 2013. In the last 3 years, only the United States has seen a total online sale of USD 39 billion. You can imagine that the global figure is quite high.
  • Of all the website visitors on any single day, 21% are mobile users.
  • Of all the people doing online shopping in a single day, almost 67% prefer to shop through a mobile responsive website.
  • By the end of 2017, experts believe that the use of mobile internet will dominate all other forms of data connectivity.

Today’s gadgets are smart gadgets, with new technology being introduced every day. Hence, it is always a good idea to shift to mobile responsive website design.

Being utterly reasonable

Now that we have gone through the statistics, let us now look at the reasons why site owners should definitely choose mobile responsive website design. Read on.

Mobile usage rules the market – Mobiles are now the prime medium of communication among people, as well for transactions, doing business and perform many other daily activities. For this very reason, making a mobile responsive website would surely be profitable in terms of marketing.

User friendly interface and features – If a website is not mobile responsive, its overall popularity level will definitely go down. A mobile responsive website will draw in a much higher traffic with its user friendly features.

Higher amount of site traffic – The use of social media is nowadays quite popular in terms of increasing your site traffic. Nowadays it is considered to be perhaps the best tool for a successful marketing campaign. If a person cannot access the site when browsing on a smartphone, things would definitely become quite difficult for the site owners. So the developers need to keep that in mind.

SEO friendly websites – As per Google’s standards, all mobile responsive websites are search engine optimized, so as to give support to a high performing website.

Less time for loading the site – Mobile responsive websites take a lot less time to load than the sites we open on our desktops and laptops. This gives the choice of these responsive sites much more meaning and justification.

How a business can benefit from mobile responsive sites

With the perfect design for a website, a developer can bring about easy page access, easy navigation, and also allow for access via smartphones and other handheld devices. Flexible compatibility, fast loading time, better sales and greater conversion – all is possible with a mobile responsive website. Mobile users are a source of direct sales through these responsive sites. Mobile users can easily be lured in to a mobile responsive website, even if they are not in front of a computer. With the use of HTML 5 in mobile responsive websites, it becomes a whole lot easier to send newsletters to these users quite easily, which is good for any business.

Some cons that need to be remembered

Mobile responsive websites may look to be simple, but developing such a site is a hectic and strenuous job. It takes a lot of time, man-hours and the best developer in the industry to optimize a website for all handheld devices. And the entire process needs to be overseen very carefully. The cost is also quite high at the initial stages, but this is quite justified. But one thing must always be kept in mind. Developing a mobile responsive website does not necessarily mean that you are guaranteed a flourishing website. You need to monitor the traffic of your site as well, with the use of statistical data like demographics and past number of visitors so as to analyse the effect the new optimization has on your popularity and visibility. You need to evaluate the customer’s mindset if you want to stay ahead in the game.

If you want to actually stay ahead in the game and beat the competition, you need to make your site design completely flexible. If you want your website to be globally unrivalled, then you need to put in the best possible effort to ensure that your website is compatible with any and every handheld device. Designing a mobile responsive site is perhaps the best first step in this process.

Let us now look at a quick recap of what we have been talking about and also some basic comparisons. So read on for the quick recap.

About responsive websites

Responsive websites are made with CSS style sheets that let the developers design the site for any handheld device – be it a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. The device may be of any screen size – the site will still load accurately without any crashes. Creating a responsive website does not mean that you have to develop an entirely new website. As a developer, you just need to customize your website so that it opens for all visitors on all screens.

About mobile responsive website

A mobile responsive website is made up of contemporary technological advancements like WebKit and HTML5. So it is expected the features will be a bit more on the mobile friendly site. A mobile responsive website can be opened on any device you can think about – a smartphone, a tablet, and even in many cases, a Smartwatch. Developers consider mobile responsive websites to be inexpensive, and are much better than standard responsive websites, where the entire website needs to restructured.

About mobile apps

A mobile app is developed to fulfill a fixed set of purposes. There is literally no room for flexibility when it comes to mobile apps. It may be an app for anything – a bank, a game, or a shopping website. Apps are task oriented, and you can only browse through a certain set of fixed options that have been programmed into the app. Apps are quite beneficial surely, and definitely modern. But there are still certain limitations to its uses.

Now let us look at the comparisons. Read on.

Mobile website vs. responsive website

Creating a responsive website is very difficult, as it requires complete restructuring of the entire website. The process is quite expensive and time consuming. On the other hand, mobile responsive sites can be created by employing certain easy to do optimizations. The process takes less time and is actually quite inexpensive.

Mobile apps vs. mobile responsive websites

Choosing between mobile apps and mobile responsive sites comes down to one simple factor – what you need either of the two for. Put in simpler terms, if you do not have a mobile responsive website, there is no point in launching a mobile app. If you, as a business owner, want to provide mobile friendly content to your visitors, then you should definitely go with a mobile responsive website.  But mobile apps are for those websites that offer items and services on sale and do not provide any readable content for visitors to go through. Apps are perfect for shopping websites, whereas mobile responsive websites are perfect for blogs.

We will now look at what kind of mobile responsive site and mobile app building services InstaMobileApps provides. Read on to find out more.

InstaMobileApps – revolutionising mobile internet browsing

InstMobileApps guarantees that the app you develop with our mobile app builder software will help you to attract in clients quite successfully. We have a 30 day free trial policy for all our mobile app builders. With our mobile app builder, you can easily build an app that makes customers come back again and again for more and more business. You will see success within a few weeks of launching the app. You can use our builder to customize the way your app looks to match with the products and services you are offering.

Use your app to send text messages to all your customers and clients from your smartphone or computer. This feature can be easily added to your app with our easy to use mobile app builder. We ensure that your app is digital marketing capable so that business is booming from day one. Our expert assistance team will help you understanding how you can add the text message feature and many other features using our mobile app builder. They are readily available for assistance via chat, phone or email.

We have been working in this field for an entire year now, and the list of satisfied clients is ever growing. We understand that launching a brand new app can be overwhelming for anyone, so we make sure that the process is made simple for all our clients.

We offer the following services for all our clients. All these services are offered to all our premium clients using our mobile apps builder. Read on to find out more.

Streamlined app building

We make sure that your mobile responsive website is turned into a mobile friendly and streamlined app that can be accessed using practically every handheld device available in the market nowadays. The apps build through our mobile app builder are elegant and efficient.

Intuitive app layout for all

Our mobile apps and mobile websites can be easily browsed through and navigated by simple touch. We ensure this by the smart usage of sliders, icons and tabs, which are bound to increase the elegance and efficiency of any mobile application or mobile website.

Several easy to use features

Any mobile app designed using our mobile app builder comes with some wonderful features that make the app robust, good to look at, and easy to use. These features are needed for making the life of the app user easy.

Customizable apps for easy upgrades

All our mobile apps are customizable so that our clients can make the necessary upgrades. We also offer to use our clients’ logos, website themes and color schemes from their mobile websites to integrate into the app.

Affordable service

All our mobile app building services are affordable for all sorts of clients. We make sure to never make earning a profit our prime business motto. Client satisfaction is our mission.

Efficient mobile website hosting

We provide efficient and error free hosting for your mobile websites and mobile apps. Your app will stay live for as long as you want it to.